Facing Imposter Syndrome

Does this sound familiar?

Limiting beliefs and their resulting self-doubt most often indicate Imposter Syndrome, a pervasive internalized feeling that you are not skilled enough for the work you are doing or aspire to do. This results in you feeling that you don't belong in your workplace, in your role as caregiver, and in many other aspects of your life. Ironically, this self-devaluation is more commonly experienced by high achievers, and it flourishes in fields that require specialized training, so it is no wonder that it hits the legal profession hard. Although most people have experienced this phenomenon in at least one aspect of their lives, they do not talk about it, as it involves a fear of being exposed as a fraud.

Good news!

This self-doubt is very addressable, and by learning more about Imposter Syndrome and by implementing certain practical techniques, you can more objectively and accurately assess yourself, step confidently into your true value, and bring your best self to your life with comfort and authenticity.


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  • Heightened productivity, performance, and engagement in many aspects of your life

  • Improved wellness, decreased anxiety, and increased resilience

  • Greater creativity and willingness to offer your unique ideas

  • Development of your leadership presence and skills

  • Greater comfort in finding and amplifying your authentic voice and perspectives

  • Reduction of internalized bias, more meaningful inclusion, and increased sense of belonging

5 weeks of practice-based, actionable tactics to help you feel and perform better!

This transformative course runs for five consecutive weeks starting August 28, 2018. New material and exercises will be released each week, but you will be able to engage with the material on demand and at your pace any time during that week. Live group discussion and coaching calls will be offered periodically throughout the course. You will have access to the course for one year from your registration, and much of the actionable insight is downloadable. You can expect to spend 1 to 1.5 hours per week engaging with course material and completing the exercises.

Week 1: Owning Your Thoughts - Out with the Old!

You will better understand how and when self-doubt manifests for you and why lawyers experience it at a higher incidence. Once you are able to anticipate and identify self-doubt and Imposter Syndrome within yourself, you will be able to explore new, more accurate ways of thinking about yourself that better serve you and allow you to feel more confident and comfortable.

Week 2: Owning Your Strengths

New, more accurate ways of thinking require you to look at all the evidence about your abilities, skills, and traits. Culturally, we are pressed to minimize our strengths and accomplishments, and this practice leads to self-devaluation. In Week 2, you will learn to honor your strengths and accomplishments and establish a more balanced view of yourself and your capabilities.

Week 3: Owning Your Presence

How you speak and how your carry yourself physically can have a tremendous impact on how confident you feel and how others perceive you. In Week 3, you will learn how to adjust your language and better embody your best self physically in order to establish a powerful presence.

Week 4: Owning Your Thoughts: In with the New!

Having identified your devaluing thoughts about yourself and having practiced tactics to harvest and embody your successes, you now will get to capitalize on your lawyering skills to replace your old, negative ways of thinking about yourself with more balanced and objective thoughts about yourself and your ability to grow.

Week 5: Owning Your Future

With your confidence-building toolbox full, you will learn the psychology behind habit-building in order to transform your tactics into habits and ignite a lasting transformation from anxiety and self-doubt to comfort and confidence. You will complete the course equipped with a detailed action plan, the belief and skills to attain it, and a community to support your progress.


Attorney, Nixon Peabody LLP

Leah Threatte Bojnowski

The BelongLab course was the best boost that I didn't know I needed. This was not five weeks of navel gazing and feeling sorry for yourself. We worked through exercises that really helped each person examine questions like "what is holding me back?" and "how do I feel when I am having a moment of lower confidence?" We learned habits and practices to help us feel more authentic in our talents and realistic about how people react to us. Recognizing reactions and behaviors went a long way for me in redirecting my energy into cultivating confidence, not feeding fear. This is not a class in "how to act" or be like someone else, but how to carve through the nerves and self-doubt to present yourself as you really know your best self to be. As a woman of color I was so pleased to see that this intersectionality of who I am was honored and incorporated into my learning. Neha is a great leader- her presentations feel like sitting and having a cup of tea with a smart, insightful friend. I truly came out of the course feeling centered, encouraged, and proud of who I present at the workplace.

Owner and Attorney, Law Office of Lisa Pierson Weinberger

Lisa Pierson Weinberger

The Owning Your Value course really helped me quiet my mind so that I could focus on how I was feeling about my career and my practice. Once I did that, I was able to make some perspective shifts and decisions to help me move forward in a healthy and intentional way. Rather than feeling inadequate when I recognized a strength in a colleague, I have been able to see another’s talent as a resource - recognizing that being able to collaborate with colleagues is a win all around, and that we can all benefit from our collective expertise. Owning Your Value really gave me the push I needed to take the steps necessary to grow my practice and continue my professional development. Because of this course, I made some changes to my business model to more accurately reflect the value I bring to my clients. The Owning Your Value course catalyzed my action and progress in ways that have helped me professionally, personally, and financially, and I highly recommend it!

Head of Blockchain and Distributed Ledger Technology, World Economic Forum

Sheila Warren, Esq.

I’m a mom of two young kids and a full-time executive with a heavy travel schedule, so I was worried I wouldn’t have time to give the course (and this issue) the attention it needed. But the structure enabled me to complete assignments from planes, trains, and ride shares, and the materials were to the point and helpful. I was very clear on what I was supposed to do and found the time commitment doable. And more to the point, the investment was well worth the time! I highly encourage people who are high-achieving risk takers to take this course. You may think people of this type are immune to Imposter Syndrome but they’re in fact some of the most likely to succumb to this particular version of self-doubt! I’m grateful and fortunate that I learned about this course when I did. Thank you, Neha, for ensuring I didn’t sell myself short at a time of huge growth!


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    Downloadable exercises, resources, and tips for you to continue to accurately own your value and realize the wonderful outcomes you merit.

  • Live Calls

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    Connect with your instructor throughout the course via group coaching calls to go over how your learning is progressing, trouble-shoot any challenges, and celebrate your wins.

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CEO and Founder at GenLead|BelongLab

Neha Sampat

Neha Sampat, Esq. is CEO, founder, coach, and consultant at GenLead|BelongLab, where she focus on building belonging. Through consulting, training, and writing, she helps organizations create cultures of belonging by addressing hidden barriers to belonging, such as Imposter Syndrome and internalized bias, unconscious bias, team distrust, and generational diversity. Through professional development coaching, she helps her individual clients develop job situations that engage their true and best selves. Neha holds Bachelor’s degrees in Sociology and Political Science from University of Illinois at Urbana-Champaign, obtained her JD from UC Berkeley School of Law, and received her Certificate in Graduate Applied Psychology from Golden Gate University. After practicing law at both large and boutique law firms, she served for ten years as dean of students and adjunct professor of law and leadership. She brings to her consulting and coaching practice her experience supporting and supervising thousands of diverse students and staff members and also successfully collaborating with stakeholders of various generations. Learn more at www.genlead.co and www.facebook.com/belonglab.

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